Hello, my name is Doncho Papazov and I work at MOS Consult Ltd. as “CAM/Machine Support”
The firm was created by a family, which was looking for innovation and new challenges in the area of furniture technologies. The company itself offers support, services and software solutions for com-plete automatization in the whole furniture industry.
The process of my selection was very difficult, but the friendly environment that greeted me when I stepped foot in the office, made me very calm and confident in my choice.
The position that I’m on right now requires me to be very responsible and to meet up the client’s ex-pectations. Every day is filled up with emotions and hard work.
I am very lucky to work with an awesome team. They are put under stress and pressure as much as I am, but we always find a way to help each other.
The flexible working hours allows me to keep my personal life in order, make friendships with the people I work with and to be always close to my family.