I found out about MOS Consult from a friend a while after I’ve graduated from the university. He told me that I would enjoy working there so I went ahead and I’ve sent my CV. It did not take long before I got the call from the HR department, I was invited to an interview and soon after I became a part of MOS’s team.
A fresh grad, with a lot of knowledge but no purpose – MOS Consult gave me the opportunity to get experience, MOS gave me a chance for realization, MOS gave me a purpose.
My basic AutoCAD skills were strengthened by the training that is being held for every new member of the organization. Each member of MOS’s team is always ready to help whenever you can’t find a solution to a task alone. Although the heavy projects and the always closing deadlines we as a team manage to keep it together – through team work and the use of some humour.
Probably the best thing about my work here the people I get to work with – our team is young and creative, often it’s the colleagues that give me strength to keep it going. In a way you can say we make each other better – we help each other to do our best at the office and outside of it.
At MOS you won’t be working with colleagues you will be working with friends. From the very beginning I was greeted as I was a good friend. The “Refer a friend” system we are using really insures that everyone goes along quite nice and that you can trust the people you work with. Working at MOS really gets implemented into your daily life, since your colleagues with have similar interests as you. Here at MOS we are not just colleagues, are not just friends, we are a family.